How to Register & Activate

AVG antivirus is a topmost security product that protects your computer or mobiles from viruses, spyware, worms and Trojan horses that may harm your device or data. It provides top security for computers and mobiles. When you surf websites, download files and open email, it protects your computer by scanning continuously. It can detect malicious downloads and also block it from being downloaded. AVG blocks anything which trying to enter your computer and asks you for permission to allow it to enter. If it detects a virus or a worm or anything that can potentially cause damage, it isolates it and then alerts the user. AVG keeps safe your device by blocking phishing attempts from websites, which try to gain access to private information of user like usernames and passwords to other important websites. It also protects you and your device from infected websites. The new viruses on the Internet got caughtby this software before they damage your computer. Thus your computer remains safe.

Your AVG antivirus will work best when you will Register AVG Retail and Activate AVG Retail. You can visit for avg retail registration and avg retail activation.

What is the AVG activation Code?

AVG activation Code is a 25 digit alphanumeric code. This is the key by which you can activate any AVG products by entering this Secure code. This activation code consists of a string of numbers and letters. These keys are generated by the passwords. It gives you authentication to utilize the features of AVG products. After the activation, you can use this code for the renewal process.

From where you can get this AVG Activation code?

When you purchase any AVG Security product you can get this code through a retail card or via email. If you purchase the product through online you will get the product key via mail. And if you buy AVG product from a retail shop, you will see the activation code is printed on the back of the retail card.

Problems that you may face in Avg retail registration:

It may conflict in your registry.

Some other software and Application that you have in your system can be blocked by it.

This security software can decrease the speed and work of the system sometime.

If AVG detects any risk from any data in your directories and drive, these may not open or damage.

Your system may come to a specific mode.

Keep in your mind:

Every user has a different activation code. Always you should keep your activation code in some safe place. If you lost it, someone else can use it. Then you will not be able to activate your software.

In future, if you face some difficulties with your antivirus software then you need to have your activation code with you to get help. Based on this code the technical support from AVG will assist you to solve your problem.

If you have another security software then it may conflict with the features of the Avg antivirus program. If multiple virus scanning mechanisms try to access the same files on your computer, they mayinterfere with each other. So, you have to uninstall other virus protection software to get full protection from AVG.

How to uninstall other antivirus software?

You can uninstall another antivirus by following these steps:

At first, you should open Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel Window.

You will see a list of programs that you have in your system.

From the list, find another virus protection software.

Then click on Remove.

How to Register or Activate AVG retail?

If you want to get full protection and security from AVG antivirus then you have to activate it. You can do AVG Retail Registration or AVG Retail Activation by following these steps:

At first, you should make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.

Then open a browser.

And you should visit the website and open ‘My Account’.

If you have an account on AVG and already registered with Avg then you go for download. Otherwise, you have to create an account and have to register yourself by giving the required details along with email.

After that, you have to log in to your Avg account by entering user id and password.

Then select the device on which you have to install Avg antivirus or the Avg the product you want to use with a license number.

Then download the setup file.

After downloading you have to Run the setup file and follow the instructions.

After that activation page will open up and there you have to enter the activation code for Avg retail activation.

Then the License number will get generated. It will be sent to your email.

Finally, you have to put the license number to complete the Installation process.

Now you are fully protected and secured by AVG security software. Hope you can understand the activation process which is described above in a very simple way. If you do not register your AVG retail or activate avg retail yet, do it now. If you still feel problem in the installation or have some queries you may contact to tech- support. Our AVG Retail setup support team is always online 24×7 to talk with the user or to help the user. If you are facing any technical issue, don't wait, just pick your phone and talk to our technicians. They will assist you in installing, updating, activating, upgrading, reinstalling any AVG products.